Best Venue Rental & Banquet Hall in Los Angeles

Host your party in style and choose from one of our three different venue offerings including our White Ballroom, Modern Ballroom, and Sky Lounge.

Our private venue setting provides the maximum you can expect from a modern venue establishment. Our bar is set high, and our customers are always happy with the results! See why our team stands out as the top new venue for events in Los Angeles.

Select from Three Different Venue Options

Our triple venue features our White Ballroom, Modern Ballroom and Sky Lounge. Each venue is unique to it’s own and customer’s might use one over the other depending on their party size and occasion.  In addition, our Sky Lounge provides ample outdoor area for those who prefer the outdoor setting option.

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Educated Team

Our team is full of bright, professionals who are enthusiastic about the field of event planning, customer service, culinary craft, and fine dining preparation.

Modern Triple Venue

Our massive venue with state of the art installations houses 3 different entertainment destinations including our White Ballroom, Black Ballroom, and Sky Ballroom.

High Quality Standards

Our guests are VIP and our venue is designed to suit them well. Become a VIP and feel the difference what professionalism can do for your event.

Inspection & Accreditation

Our venue goes through the toughest standards for inspection, is licensed, insured, and accredited to operate.

Top Reasons to Choose Avana Venue

Don’t waste a fortune, get the most value with us!
  • Flexible Triple Venue with three different offerings including White Ballroom, Modern Ballroom, and Sky Lounge
  • Professional presentation, modern aesthetics, stunning architectural design
  • Superb customer service and professional experience from the first moment to the last
  • Modern customizable lighting, service, and full menu selection
  • Superior quality, modern presentations
  • Brand-new State of the Art Facility constructed in 2022
  • Free consultation and event planning assistance
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